Tiles for Steps and Risers

Tiles for Steps and Risers

Sriram Marbles provides an appealing array of tiles for steps. Not only are these aesthetically appealing but high in quality as well. When mounted, for years to come, it will represent you. Choosing good stair tiles is nothing short of a challenging task with too many choices available. In order to render the right risers and to mount stair tiles, we recommend the best features to look for. Stair tiles manufactured by Sriram Marbles withstand a great deal of durability. Tiles for stairs must also be selected after checking that they are resistant to abrasion and exhibit minimal signs of wear and tear.

Here we bring you some tips that could help you make the right choice while choosing tiles for risers and steppers.

1. Abrasion Resistant

When searching for suitable floor tiles, the first recommendation that must be kept in mind is to search for alternatives that have high load-bearing power. It should be non-slip, robust, water-resistant, and highly resistant. Ensure that it is freeze resistant when shopping for appropriate tiles for outdoor stairs.

2. Select Full-Body Tiles with Anti Skid Property

As the surface of steps sustains a lot of foot movement, after some time, it can begin to display signs of fading or wear and tear. In certain situations, with an untidy and shabby appearance, the edges can get cracked or chipped. By picking whole body tiles, this problem can be overcome as it remains as it is, even though the tiles are chipped or cracked.

3. Distinct designs and colors

They are available in distinctive colors and styles that give visual appeal to the region in which they are built.

4. Easy To Maintain

Often choose tiles that can be washed and maintained very quickly. Thus, it must be kept sparkling clean by a quick sweep of dry or slightly damp cloth on the tiles. It would save a great deal of time and money to keep the stairs looking clean and attractive.

Key Features of tiles for steppers and risers:


  • Self Embossed Grooves

Sriram Tiles are specially designed with self embossed grooves which provides a better grip. The anti-slip surface achieved through these self-embossed grooves gives more safety to your steps.

  • Bull-Nose Finish

Simply put, bullnose tile is a rim that is used to provide the tile layout with a smooth, polished border. On the tiles & steppers, this removes sharp angles and unfinished tile edges. This makes bullnose tile a good option for protection and also helps improve the appearance of your renovation project!

  • Anti-Skid Properties

On the tiles, a coating is added that holds the friction coefficient high, even though the surface is damp and soapy. This preempts any slipping chance. These tiles are also resistant to grazing and blemish, thereby giving the style a feeling of timelessness. The tiles create a distinctive aura and “feel” even in service areas while being highly practical in design and simple to maintain.

  • Full Body Vitrified Tiles

Heavy-duty industrial tiles produced with diligence are Full Body Vitrified Tiles. In heavy-traffic areas such as parking, mall façades, shopping buildings, educational facilities, and metro stations, these are primarily used.

The tile pattern is standardized throughout the tile body, as the name implies Full Body tiles, making it more durable and functional for commercial use. A minimum of 2000 Newton is the breaking power of full-body tiles, which helps even a 50-ton truckload to push through several times without destroying the surface of the tile.

  • Thick Body

The color and style of the surface of these tiles are the same all the way to the thickness of the tile. Therefore, even though the floor tiles are chipped, the damage is barely noticeable.


Take some time out to consider the incredible options available while deciding to buy tiles for stairs. Sriram marbles is the best company producing vitrified tiles for steppers and risers. Visit our website and select from the tiles of your choice. For a long time, this will keep your tiles looking fresh.

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