Tile ideas for your bathroom

Tile ideas for your bathroom

The condition, style and number of the bathrooms is a common make-or-break item for home buyers. Over the past five decades that Long & Foster has been in business, agents have watched the humble restroom evolve from functional get-in-and-get-out space to spa-like retreat.

In old days, bathroom was just a utility but today’s homeowners value those private spaces a lot more. Bathrooms overtook kitchens as the most popular room in the home to remodel.

Why to choose tiles in bathroom home remodels more than any other type of material?

Here are few to mention:

#1 Moisture Resistance Is Paramount

The bathrooms of today not only have to put up with moisture everywhere, but also we now have harsh cleansers, modern shampoos, and soaps that can damage flooring, countertops, and walls. Ceramic tiles are non-porous and can withstand this type of harsh environment beautifully.

#2 Easier to Maintain in Wet Environments

Laminates, especially, can end up ruined when water soaks underneath them dislodging the glue and making them buckle and warp it isn’t the problem with tiles.

#3 It’s a Perfect Match for Radiant Heating

Tiles will retain the heat more than other materials, when you combine it with radiant heating. Stone, in particular, can end up being cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Tiles, in general, conduct heat much better than laminate or wood flooring.

#4 Durable and Long-Lasting Choice

When you choose tiles for your bathroom, you are making a durable and long-lasting choice. Tiles are a very hard material, thus, very long-lasting.

#5 You Won’t Have Off-Gassing

When you want a healthy indoor environment, it is best to avoid laminates and other synthetics to kee outdoor. Even the glues used in some types of flooring installations can off-gas too. This earthy, environmentally-friendly, design is in natural tones and will not be subject to off-gassing because it is made of tiles!

#6 You Have Limitless Design Possibilities

You may think that tiles are restricted to geometric and straight-edge designs because they have to be cut by a stonemason. However, modern tile designs offer intricate curves.

#7 High Cost-Effectiveness

It’s true that tiles, whether ceramic or stone, cost more than other types of building materials. However, the benefits of durability and moisture-resistance make them last far longer, and in better shape.

Tile Ideas for your bathroom

The most exciting part of renovating a bathroom is choosing the right set of bathroom floor tiles. The beautiful color combination and materials that you are going to install in the bathroom will intensify the appeal of the place.

If you are planning to incorporate a new range of bathroom tiles, then have a look at these ideas. These will help you have a smart, appealing bathroom design.

Think of something unique

Think of a unique style like using hexagonal tiles to protect the wooden floors. They serve a variety of functions and also stand out to be a unique style statement.

Have a classic touch

A classy tiled wall will always make the place look more attractive and beautiful. Switch to your favorite colors

How about multi-colored tiles?

It provides a great background and if installed in a way that it matches the entire ambience, everyone will just love it. The multi-colored tiles help enhance the beauty of your bathroom to a great extent. Create an all-new effect with tile wallpaper

Try opposites in applying grout

Try out the combination of white tiles with black grout or vice-versa. It will give the place a bold look and a mesmerizing contrast to add up an appealing charm to your bath. A contrast in bathroom floor tiles looks amazing too. Select a neutral grout to enchant

Another option you can opt for is a neutral grout. It delivers a beautiful effect throughout the space. It will make the place look completely different.

Combine various shapes

Well, an expert knows how to play with the tiles to attribute a great look to the space. You can opt for subway tiles on the wall and diamond tiles on the floor! Try mixing varied shapes to accomplish the quirky look.

Tile it to the top

It will look awesome when the tiles are placed on the top of the bathroom. You can place the tiles to separate the shower area and the sink. It will give your bathroom a classy look altogether.


Everyone wants a range of bathroom wall tiles that will be durable, classic, versatile, and affordable. There are certain elements that get you awesome results when selected properly. Above bathroom tile ideas ranging from modern to traditional styles highlight the prevailing trends. Keep reading and find out which idea matches your space perfectly.

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