How to make your bathroom look bigger sleeker and modern?

How to make your bathroom look bigger sleeker and modern

As the bathroom continues to be the top renovation priority among homeowners, people are seeking sleek and modern designs that will add value to their homes, and also make their bathrooms appear bigger.  Sriram Marbles, Gorakhpur are the leading professionals in tiling, design and development who provide end to end solutions to suit client specific needs.

1. Floating vanity

Most people want to increase floor space in their bathrooms, or at least create anillusion of more space and what better way to do it than with a floating vanity!

The open space beneath the vanity cabinets allows for more light to travel through the room, and visually extends the flooring surface, which tricks the eye into thinking there is more space. This also makes cleaning easier too, as the open access leaves less space for dust and dirt to hide.

2. Mixed open and closed compartments

To create more visual interest, why not try a mix of open and closed compartments to show off your accessories, or simply provide easier access to them!

3. Freestanding bath

However, if you do have enough space, a freestanding bath is one of the most bold and stylish statement pieces you can have in your house, creating a beautiful focal point for any bathroom design. Paired with a modern and sleek free-standing tap, these are a sure way to elevate your room into something truly luxurious.

Nevertheless, for the bathroom to look more spacious, choose a sumptuous tile, and find a paint color for the remaining walls that picks up on one of the hues within it. The overall effect is still serene and spa-like, without the jarring visual breaks to shrink your perception of the space.

4. Ambience

For a calm ambiance, why not add up-lights to your floor area around the bath.

5. Luxurious Metals

For an opulent, high-end look, choose a metallic effect bath, copper in particular that will add a warmth and richness like no other.

Make a statement

Tubs made from unconventional materials, such as concrete, can make for show-stopping statement pieces.

There is also a trend towards natural forms and shapes, such as pebbles and asymmetric curves, which will bring harmony and beauty to your room.

Mirrored Walls

Mirrored walls instantly create the effect of more open space, by allowing light to reflect across all surfaces.

Floor to ceiling tiles

A lot of older bathroom designs have tiling on the walls that stop at dado height or midway up the wall, but this design choice actually makes rooms look smaller and ceilings appear lower. We recommend to tile the bathroom walls right up to the ceiling, to make the room feel more spacious. Sriram Marbles, Gorakhpur have unique ideas in bathroom designing. Using their magic of mosaic theme will add a class to a traditionally designed bathroom tile design concept.

In smaller bathrooms in particular, it is a good idea to tile the floor and ceiling with the same tile in order to create a sense of continuity, which ultimately makes the room feel larger. This not only reduces that restricted feeling but it can be a real head-turning feature too. When tiling whole walls stick to a pale grout to prevent the space from closing in.


In summary, to get that modern and sleek look, keep these tips in mind:

  • Float your vanity to create more space
  • Create a spa-like feel with a walk-in shower
  • For ultimate wow-factor, opt for a freestanding feature bath
  • Choose wall-mounted faucets for a minimalist style, or waterfall faucets for a unique touch
  • Vessel basins add glamour, inset ones keep it minimal
  • Back to wall toilets add space and look sleekest
  • Tile to ceiling height, don’t stop half-way up
  • Go crazy with lighting! Hang pendants over vanities for added drama
  • Get a large mirror to add style and light

So go ahead and add some glamour to your bathroom. Whether mosaic, marble, vitrified or granite, at Sriram Marbles, Gorakhpur, you have a wide choice in designs, colors, thickness, smoothness and shine.

We are always there to help you!

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