Few tips to revamp your bathroom


The bathroom may sound like an insignificant space at home, but it’s the heart, it’s one place where sometimes great ideas are born. A bathroom remodel would most likely punch a hole in your pocket, but then you can bring it a fresh look with only a few modifications here and there if you tread carefully. This can be the ideal weekend project that makes you bond over design designs, paint, and other changes whether you’re home with your family or all by yourself. There are several minor improvements that make a major difference in your room’s design and work. In order to revamp your toilet, take a look at these tips.

1. Update Your Taps

Changing the taps is a remarkably powerful way of bringing a modern look to a bath and basin. Choose a waterfall spout, go for sleek curves or angular ones that are super slim. Checking the consistency of the taps in the shop is a smart idea, even though you then move ahead to buy them

2.Modify the walls

With a new paint or pattern, a wall surface that is not already tiled can be changed easily. Pick a specially formulated paint or wallpaper to shrug off moisture and protect against mould formation.

3.Establish a Focal Point

A tiled splashback provides a beautiful focal point behind the basin or along the side of the bath, especially if you make a geometric pattern or select a shimmering glass or vitrified tiles. It just takes a few tiles, so it’s a perfect beginner project, even though you’ve never tried tiling with your hand before.

4. Try substituting the panels for the bath

Swap for a more exciting edition in wood with a simple bath panel. Looked for panelled designs that can be decorated to fit the scheme, or choose a smooth, dark wood finish for a contemporary feeling.

6. Using lights to add glamour

There’s no better way than with dazzling statement lights to carry star value into a bathroom. For wall fittings and lit mirrors, watch out for low energy LED fittings. The IP rating of bathroom light fittings shows you how close they should be placed to water. Have them mounted by a professional electrician.

7.Spruce up the flooring

Head out on the new marble flooring in style. Tiles come with different styles or impacts of stone and mortar. The chevron and herringbone vinyl planks were for fuss-free wood lookalikes. Granite, Granite, Natural Stone, Vitrified and Ceramic Tiles are all suitable for revamping your bathroom

8. Introduce a feeling of space

To help create the illusion of greater space in a small bathroom, hang a large mirror, or use mirror tiles. This also helps to scatter more light around, and in a room with a small amount of natural light is especially beneficial.


If you do not have any other activities lined up, bathroom revamping would be a perfect project for the weekend. Also, email us if you want to go a level higher. Sriram Marbles provide a diverse variety of marbles, including domestic as well as imported items of excellent quality and high resistance.

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