Explore the Finest Collection of Bathroom Tiles Texture by SRIRAM MARBLES

Explore the Finest Collection of Bathroom Tiles Texture by SRIRAM MARBLES

Discovering and contemplating the perfect choice of tiles for remodeling your bathroom can be challenging. In nature, structure, color, and texture, there is so much diversity that it can actually be daunting. Tiles were laid down a few years ago primarily for their benefits (water resistance, longevity, low maintenance), but today their aesthetic effect is just as important as their functionality. This is why designers have widened their offerings to provide homeowners with quite exclusive variations.

We also listed the finest collection of bathroom tile textures by Sriram Marbles you should be on the lookout according to the recommendations of our experts. They work on everything, right from the finishes, shades, forms, to the designs.

  1. Matt Finish tiles

We are preceded into the new year with the prominence of matte finish tiles. They feature a delicate yet compelling type of beauty that is not too distracting. Matte tiles have the advantage of not displaying smudges and water stains as readily as glossy tiles. This makes them perfect, especially in busy bathrooms, for the bathroom floor. They are made easier to maintain by the low sheen. Be sure there is ample illumination, both natural and artificial when building matte finish tiles since these tiles are not popular for reflecting light.

  1. Graphic pattern tiles

It’s the excellent accent tile in every room, whether on the floor or the wall that makes a difference! The complex designs available for these tiles draw you in and catch your attention, either in soft delicate hues or bright contrasting colors. This is the number one pattern on our list, because it’s demand is Massive! In popularity, patterned tiles will definitely continue to grow. It is fair to assume that graphic pattern tiles can be everywhere and anywhere, particularly your bathroom, from subway tiles to ceramics.

  1. Neutral / White tiles

Who doesn’t like a classic bathroom with just a neutral palette of colours? Well, it has its own appeal and elegance, lending itself to interior decorating versatility. Neutral shades are back on the agenda in the year 2021. If you’d like to keep things simple and chic, add a neutral colour palette to your new bathroom tile trends. In every classic or contemporary bathroom, the monochromatic look throughout the space will look beautiful. The first choice of individuals who want contemporary bathroom furniture is neutral colour tiles. The first choice of individuals who love to make their bathroom look simple and sophisticated is grey and white. Such tiles build a relaxing aura and ease the mind.

  1. Metallic finish Tiles

A metallic sheen or finish will never be out of style, and now your bathroom tiles can have such an aesthetic. This could be one of the most dynamic designs for bathroom tiles that you can incorporate while your bathroom is remodelled. Metallic seems to be reflective and glossy, which will lend your bathroom a super stunning and edgy makeover. Metallic tiles are glossy and add to the bathroom glamour. To the bathroom beauty, they add a diamond tone since they are highly reflective. These tiles are versatile apart from aesthetics, so they can withstand high temperatures and moisture.

  1. Hex Tiles

There are currently different styles of geometric formed tiles available in the marketplace for bathroom floors and walls. It is not just tile designs and colours that are becoming more and more varied. The hexagonal design, a retro pattern that is coming back around, is the most common choice among dimensional tiles shapes. The coolest thing about the bathroom tile trends this year is that manufacturers are able to achieve authentic looks that make dimensional tile designs one of the biggest trends on the market for tiles.

  1. Wooden Effect Tiles

For bathroom floors, wooden plank tiles are experiencing exponential growth. Although accommodating a large variety of interiors, they look very sleek and classy. The charm of a wooden finish is provided; these tiles remain water resistant and more resilient than wooden floors. With grain effects that can improve the organic texture of wood, some of them are also available. Although accommodating a large variety of interiors, they look very sleek and classy. To get the ideal look for your bathroom floors, you can also conveniently adjust the size of wooden impact tiles. These tiles remain resistant to water and more resilient than wooden surfaces, while they have the charm of a wooden finish. Those with grain effects that can improve the organic texture of wood are also available.


It can be a major challenge to pick the right tiles for your bathroom, but you can check out our list of different tile patterns and their appearances in each category listed. When it comes to the newest patterns, styles, and concepts for bathroom tiles planned in 2021, we make sure you have plenty of distinct, exclusive trend choices that are likely to stick around for years to come. If you have any extra questions when redesigning your bathroom or any other living space about bathroom tile patterns or tile options? We at Sri Ram Marbles love answering questions and working together when it comes to concepts and designs for tile design. To really get started, contact our tile designers today!

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