Benefits of Having Vitrified Tiles for Your Beautiful House


Floors serve as the foundation, both visually and from an imaginative perspective, of the entire home decor. Choosing a flooring solution can be a challenging job since installing it is a time-consuming process. When searching for the right flooring options for their homes, one comes across different tile choices. Each tile choice comes with a variety of advantages and drawbacks, so choosing the right flooring solutions is extremely crucial. Vitrified tiles is one of the alternatives that is aggressively trending these days

What are vitrified tiles?

The hydraulic pressing of a combination of clay, quartz, feldspar, and silica, which creates a vitreous surface often known as vitrification, produces a vitrified ceramic. Thus, with low porosity, having a single mass renders them rigid, which results in low water absorption. These distinctive features have made them the first preference of developers in real estate over other pricey Granite or Marble alternatives. Let’s talk about the characteristics of vitrified tile that make it an ideal flooring option for a beautiful house.

  • Raw material composition

An agglomeration of clay and silica are vitrified tiles. This fused material is heated over high temperatures, resulting in its distinctive shape, which is non-porous and looks like a glass surface. In comparison, like ceramic tiles, these tiles do not require additional glazing.

  • Strength

Vitrified tiles, if compared with natural granite or marble, are highly durable and have greater mechanical strength. It is indeed immune to scratches and stains as well. Exposure to severe sunshine would not cause the colours of the tiles to fade away. For residential spaces, this robust and color-resistant design makes it an optimal option.

  • Thickness

These tiles measure 10-12 mm thick, and is only equivalent to the density of natural granite and marble stone. With no hassle, it can be laid on the floor.

  • Durability

Vitrified tiles are known to be more resilient relative to other tile alternatives available on the market and are not easily compromised in heavy traffic areas. With no polishing or setting time needed after the tiles have been laid, these tiles are quickly placed. These characteristics make it the first preference of individuals who are searching for floor tiles.

  • Quality

It is necessary to understand that these tiles are high in quality with a manufacturer’s guarantee. Until it is packed and sold, each tile is inspected for a minute. In terms of dimension, thickness, and colours, they also guarantee tile durability. For unique appeal, homeowners seeking a natural look may use colours of natural materials as well as bright colour choices.


Home is not only a venue but perhaps an emotion. Sriram Marbles offers a collection of high-quality and sturdy vitrified tiles from luxury brands in India while keeping these feelings of homemakers in perspective. Vitrified tiles are incredible with their flexible characteristics when it comes to augmenting the look and style of your room. These tiles are dense, robust, non-porous, stain/moisture-resistant, and waterproof. Therefore, make it a must-have option for houses. Contact the SriRam Marbles team to choose from our wide variety of vitrified tile collections.

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